While most childhood cancers are curable, the survival rate for children with cancer in low-resource settings can be as low as 10 percent.

Through our programs in Ethiopia and elsewhere, The Aslan Project seeks to demonstrate that pediatric and adolescent cancers can be treated and cured in low-resource settings just as they are in more prosperous ones. By investing in capacity building training, comprehensive family support systems, and other essential infrastructures, we are changing the story of childhood cancer in Ethiopia and we want you to be a part of it.

By participating in our first ever peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, you will be able to raise critical funds and awareness for the continued development of our pediatric cancer programs in Ethiopia. We invite you to become an Aslan Ambassador and join us as we work to achieve our shared vision of equal and just access to treatment for all children with cancer, regardless of their circumstances or place of birth.

What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising?

Peer-to-Peer fundraising (P2P) is a type of crowdfunding that empowers individuals to fundraise on behalf of a cause that they’re passionate about. Instead of an organization asking directly for donations, through a P2P campaign, supporters reach out to their unique social networks to raise not only funds but also awareness. Simply put, it’s a campaign of friends asking friends to join in their support of an organization that they care about -- in this case, it’s The Aslan Project!

Why is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Effective?

A P2P campaign gives our greatest champions, our supporters, the tools and the opportunity to share The Aslan Project story and what it means to them with audiences that we may never reach our own. Through P2P, Aslan Ambassadors can grow our community organically by building upon relationships they already have, thus expanding our network of support and raising funds to power our work in Ethiopia and other LMICs.

Launching Your P2P Campaign

The Aslan Ambassador program enables you to fundraise for the parts of our program that you are most passionate about, such as the training of our pediatric hematology/oncology fellows, our psychosocial supports to children in treatment and their families, or the provision of a child’s full treatment/medication regimen. Our fundraising goals provide an option for everyone – if you don’t see a goal among those listed below that fits your vision, simply contact The Aslan Project and we can help you design a unique goal for you or your team!

Gift of Nutrition: $250
Provide one month of vital nutrition supplements to children in treatment.
Gift of Training: $2500
Allows doctors in our pediatric hematology/oncology program to receive a month of world-class training.
Gift of Comfort: $500
Enables children in treatment and their families to receive daily counseling, art therapy, or other important psychosocial supports.
Gift of Transportation: $5000
Combats treatment abandonment by transporting families from their free housing to the hospital or outpatient center in Addis Ababa for a full year.
Gift of Treatment: $1000
Provides a full treatment regimen for most curable childhood cancers in low-resource settings.
Create Your Own Goal
Develop your own fundraising goal with help from The Aslan Project!

There is no minimum goal or fundraising requirement for our Ambassadors – we encourage you to select a reasonable goal for yourself or your team and focus on raising not just money, but also awareness, through your campaign. We will be beside you every step of this process and provide all of the materials and resources you will need to run a successful campaign. To learn more about the Aslan Ambassador program and how you can join us, contact Emily Vaughn at

Thank you for your interest in the Aslan Ambassador program – we’re excited to begin this new and exciting chapter with dedicated supporters like you!